From the Office of Iowa Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen:

Posted: February 2, 2012

(DES MOINES) – Today House and Senate Republicans joined together to release their budget targets. The Republican plan, crafted with job creators in mind, is a conservative approach that will create stability and certainty for all Iowans.

The Republican budget returns to the commonsense budgeting principles of aligning ongoing spending with ongoing revenue, ending the practice of using one-time money for ongoing expenses, and not intentionally underfunding entitlement programs.

“As economic uncertainty continues throughout the country, it is imperative that we take a conservative approach to the budget to give stability for Iowa’s job creators,” said House Speaker Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “The best way to help Iowa’s employers is to keep control of government spending. “

Highlights of the Republican plan include:
–Continued effort of listening to Iowans and digging deep into the budgets, with a line by line review to cut out waste and find efficiencies. Republicans will craft another government efficiency bill, saving an estimated $20 million.

–A modest and conservative one percent growth. The Republican plan spends just 97 percent of ongoing revenue. By comparison, the Republican budget spends $313 million less than Fiscal Year 2011, the Democrats’ last budget. This is an efficient budget that funds Iowans’ priorities.

–Republicans’ budget funds Iowans’ priorities including: education, public safety, health care, fully-funding property tax credits and preserving any ending balance in the Taxpayers Trust Fund.

–Taxpayers can no longer afford to carry the full burden for every state employee’s health insurance. Over 80 percent of state employees pay nothing for their health care. Asking all employees, including state legislators, to contribute at least $200 towards their own health care is the right thing to do.

“Iowans deserve a budget that is transparent and accountable and they do not want to see politicians utilizing budget gimmicks to mislead or deceive,” said Senate Republican Leader Jerry Behn (R-Boone). “Republicans pledge to be straightforward and honest because that is what the hardworking taxpayers of Iowa deserve.”


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FY 2013 Targets

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